Our Farms!

The Local Scoop takes pride in our products and how they're sourced.  We partner with local farms to provide the freshest ingredients, support local communities and because it tastes sooo much better.  We have listed the farms we currently work with, and we are always looking to partner with more.

Jackson Dairy, Dunn, NC

Jackson Dairy is three hours away from The Local Scoop and is located in Dunn, NC.  It has been in the Jackson family since 1806 and is 100 acres in size.  They are the only dairy farm to have a label stating milk from non rBST treated cows is the first and only label registered with the NCDA and DEHNR making this claim.  They believe in natural farming and do not use hormones or pesticides.

Homeland Creamery, Julian, NC

Homeland Creamery is family owned and operated by the Bowmans, who are six and seventh generation farmers and have been raising and milking cows on the same homestead since the 1930’s when their grandfathers’ family started selling “barnyard milk” from a half-dozen dairy cows that were milked by hand.  The milking herd has now grown to around 200 cows and the cows are milked with automatic milking machines.  They use safe farming practices on their farm from the crops to the cows and use a pasteurization process known as vat pasteurizing. In this process the milk is cooked at a lower temperature for a longer period, about 35 minutes, as opposed to “Ultra-pasteurizing” when the milk is cooked at a high temperature for several seconds.


Cody's Farm, Richfield, NC

Cody’s Farm is a small, family run farm located in Richfield, NC about 45 minutes from The Local Scoop.  Products are picked fresh everyday and if there is an abundance, they are flash frozen to keep fresh long after the season has ended.

Dancing Bee's Farm, Monroe, NC

Dancing Bees Farm is located in Monroe, NC and the 33 acre farm has many sources of plant life for the bees to visit for the wildflower honey, including many Tulip Poplar trees, wild buttercups, and sweet clover.  It’s called Dancing Bees because honeybees perform various “dances” to communicate to other bees such things as where the best pollen/nectar sources are as well as directions to these sources!  

Nut Hill Farm

Small family run farm that supplies herbs for our products.  Thirty minutes from The Local Scoop, they have two greenhouses and can supply fresh product year round.

Uncle Scott's Rootbeer, Mooresville, NC

Made with pure and simple ingredients; filtered carbonated water, pure cane sugar, vanilla, cinnamon oil, natural caramel, wood extract, licorice root oil, anise oil and natural gum arabic.  That's it...All ingredients you can pronounce and are natural.

No high fructose corn syrup, no artifical ingredients and no artifical preservatives.