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Our Response to COVID-19

The Local Scoop prides itself on being a part of the community and providing sweet treats for celebrations, birthdays, cheering up on a bad day, or just a second to slow down and enjoy the people around you.  Since COVID-19 has arrived, we have been at a constant cross road of being available to provide comfort and keeping our team and guests as safe as possible.

We will continue to monitor the development and will operate as long as we are legally allowed and as long as we feel safe with our ability to keep our team and guests safe.  Below are a few things that we do on a daily basis and a few news things we have added as a special defense against COVID-19.

We have always been a clean ice cream shop, with sanitizer used on tables, chairs, counters, etc. Our team washes their hands when they arrive to work, take out the trash, change tasks, etc.  We always wear gloves when serving our products, we don't technically have to use gloves, but we all feel much better about it.  We have always had waterless sanitizer outside of the bathroom for a refresh when one leaves.

So what's new?

  • On all of our door handles we have installed EPA approved antimicrobial tape

  • We have the same tape on any pens that customers are using

  • We moved all spoons, taster spoons behind the counter so guests can not touch

  • We are keeping our front door open at all times while we are open

  • We have built our online store and developed a process for curbside pickup

  • We have hand sanitizer next to our register

  • We have changed the Point of Sale system so it doesn't require signatures and we are asking for non contact payment, such as apple pay (though we still take all forms of payment)

  • As always, anyone who is sick is not able to work

  • For now, customers will need to order online or at the front door as only team members will be able to enter the shop.

What can our Community do to support small business?